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Miscellaneous black powder accessories

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Mainspring vise
(NZ) $35 each #525 Mainspring vise. Absolutely essential piece of kit if you need to pull a lock apart.
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Short starter
(NZ) $10 each #510 Combination short and long starter for muzzle loading guns. Wooden handle with aluminium starters.
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Pan primer
(NZ) $30 each #85 Brass pan primer for flintlocks.
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Ball discharger
(NZ) $50 each #496 with attachments to clear flintlock and percussion guns. Uses CO2 canisters that are available from most sports shops. All individuals and clubs should have one of these.
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Wooden mallet
(NZ) $20 each #512 For starting those extra tight balls and bullets.
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Grease dispenser
(NZ) $40each #332 Brass grease dispenser for percussion revolvers to help prevent chain firing. After you've seated the ball, wipe over a liberal amount of grease to prevent sparks from entering the chamber.
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Ball Roller
(NZ) $150 each #494 Ball roller to eliminate the sprue on round balls and ensure consistent shooting.
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(NZ) $35 each #010 Wooden handled screw driver that looks great in any shooting box.
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Possibles tool
(NZ) $95 each #910 possibles tool that has everything a muzzleloader needs for the field. Cap holder, short starter, wedge puller, knife, screwdriver all rolled into one convenient tool.
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(NZ) $90 each #180 Peace pipe tomahawk that any self respecting Mountain Man should have.
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Shot and powder dipper
(NZ) $20 #540 fully adjustable shot and powder measure.
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Nylon muzzle protector
(NZ) $1 each Buy me 31-45 caliber. With 7mm (.275") ramrod hole.
Buy me 36-50 caliber. With 8mm (.315") ramrod hole.
Buy me 44-54 caliber. With 9mm (.354") ramrod hole.
Buy me 58-75 caliber. With 12mm (.472") ramrod hole.
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